Other Staking module

(1)Configuration - Click【Pool】- Click【+Add Pool】.

(2)You can use any token asset on Binance Smart Chain network as a staking asset, just enter the contract address of the token. Take your own community Token Mint community Token as an example.

Note: You can find the contract address of your community Token through the following figure.

(3)Configure the Pool Name, configure the Mining Pool Proportions, click【OK】, then sign through Metamask.

Note: You can add multiple mining pools in this way, and the sum of the proportions of each mining pool MUST be equal to 100%.

(4)In this way, a BSC Staking Pool is created, you can click【Close】on the interface shown below to cancel the mining pool. You can also start stake mining in the community directly from the community bar on the left.

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