🌰What is $NUT?

01. Abstract

NUT is the native token of Nutbox economy, providing members and communities with benefits and services, and dictates Nutbox’s governance.

NUT (BSC): 0x4429FcdD4eC4EA4756B493e9c0525cBe747c2745

02. Distribution

The total number of NUT is 1 billion. According to different allocation methods, it is divided into 2 categories:

  • 65% is used to support Nutbox ecosystem building, including Collator, Slot Auction, Protocol Development and Toolkits Staking;

  • 35% is used for MKT & Advisors, two rounds of private sale and allocation of the founding team.

03. Application Scenarios

  • Ecosystem Resources NUT represents ecosystem resources including community DApps, extensions, launchpad slots, etc.

  • Toolkit Voting Community members vote for Community × Tool Pools to earn NUT rewards. The more NUT voted to Pools, the more NUT rewards will be earned by developers and members.

  • Payment Method NUT Circulation in the Nutbox ecosystem.

  • Governance NUT represents Voting Power in Nutbox DAO, which will determine the protocol’s future and how to use Treasury.

04. Nutbox Voting Power

Nutbox Voting Power is the Governance Power of Nutbox DAO. The Nutbox governance reward of a user is charged by the user’s governance activity.

As an incubation DAO, the core governance task is to judge which community and projects should be incubated. Thus, Toolkits Voting is introduced. The more Nutbox Voting Power is accumulated, the more NUT will distribute to the user, the community, and the DApp/tool.

Now the function is not open to public, please stay tuned and wait for our announcement.

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