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01. Background

The core team of Nutbox has been focusing on DAO and social for years.

8 years ago, we started the odyssey of community and social.

In 2019, we launched WhereIN, which became the world's NO.12 Social DApp.

In 2020, we created the first Staking DAO - Peanut, and made it continue to operate till now.

In 2022, we launched Nutbox, a staking and social DAO creation platform.

We believe that DAO is for everyone. So we are building Nutbox to offer everyone the possibility to build their DAO planet on Web3.

02. Nutbox DAO

Nutbox is composed of a core team and a community collaboration team. You can imagine Notion as our virtual office platform. Here is where we can initiate action, have discussions and govern the community, let's get started!

The structure of our DAO includes the governance layer, a core team and our Guilds. Projects are promoted by the resources of each guild and include different operations.

At this stage, Notion is our main place of collaboration, and we will consider setting up different channels on Discord to collaborate.

Governance Layer

The governance layer is the core of Nutbox DAO. Any proposal from the community can be launched here, and the community's fund/budget, changes in governance rules, etc. are all determined by the community proposals.

Core Team

Nutbox has had a full-time team since the Peanut DAO period, and we have been advancing Nutbox's vision since August 2020.

The core team will gradually push Nutbox to transform into a DAO. In the early version of Nutbox DAO, the core team will also lead various guilds, representing the community in financing, developing tools and infrastructure, and implementing the DAO workflow.

In the early version, the core team will:

  • Deploy DAO multi-signature contract, manage DAO Fund on behalf of the community, finance DAO, and improve the process of proposal system.

  • Improve the structure of the DAO to accommodate future Nutbox DAO scale-up development, including gathering feedback from community members and making changes.

  • Improve the governance of the DAO, which is promoted by the core team by governing the guilds.


Guilds are DAO's most important resources.

Each guild is made up of a group of members with skills, experience and similar hobbies who are driven by themselves, using their work experience to advance the DAO and help new members join.

Each guild cooperates with each other in different projects to establish cell organizations to capture value for DAO.


Projects are built around specific goals by DAO members. Some projects are built and run by a single guild, others may require resources for cross-guild collaboration.

The core team of Nutbox has established projects such as Peanut V2 and Nutbox V2, which have promoted the launch and operation of Nutbox and Peanut.

Any DAO member can start by creating an operation and linking it to projects and guilds to start exploring Nutbox DAO.

03. Governance

Our governance will be carried out through community proposals. Anyone in the community can create proposals from the start, which is key to keeping Nutbox DAO running. It is also important to note that decentralized governance is a spectrum and our governance will gradually become more decentralized.

Building on Peanut DAO, we propose the following initial governance process:

  • Discussion: Discord

  • Proposal: Nutbox Proposal System

  • Execute: Discord & Notion

04. Contribution

Reward Contributors

Establishing a mechanism to reward contributors is at the heart of the successful operation of Nutbox DAO. Nutbox's native token, $NUT, has been created and rewards our contributors to achieve key goals of the early development of Nutbox DAO.

We will also consider using POAP and NFT systems to reward members who participate in community activities and/or contribute to DAOs through a number of different paradigms. These rewards will also determine the distribution of $NUT.

Tool Overview

We use a few different tools to power Nutbox DAO. You need to use these tools to contribute to Nutbox DAO.

  1. Discord

    Discord invite link:https://discord.gg/xPgaDsjZpw

    Think of Discord as our virtual office. This is where most informal discussions take place. Join the corresponding channel, start talking with others and participate in Nutbox!

  2. Github

    Github link:https://github.com/nutbox-dao

    As a DAO, everything we do is built as open source.

    From project code (for projects that need development) to meeting notes, to resource lists.

  3. Nutbox

    Nutbox Proposal System:https://app.nutbox.io/#/sub-community/governance?id=0xAF1772fA2f171c6DC6F3B06b69727237A4203766

    Anyone can submit proposals on community matters here and start discussions and votes. This is also a place to allocate community resources.

Welcome to join us, let's explore Nutbox DAO together!

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