Deploy ISO module

Initial Staking Offering

ISO is short for Initial Staking Offering.

The user delegate the PoS Token to the community/community validator and obtains the community token (cToken for short). And the community gets the user's staking reward. Currently, Nutbox supports Steem, Hive, Cosmos and Osmosis Blockchains.

Create PoS token Staking Pool

The Steem/Hive/Cosmos/Osmosis Staking pool is created in a similar way. Here is an example of creating a Steem Staking pool.

(1)As shown in the picture, Click【Pool】- Click【Add Pool】- Chose【Steem Staking】.

(2)Enter your steem delegate account, click【Confirm】.

(3)Enter Pool Name, Profit Sharing Ratio (Sum of ratios should be 100%), click【OK】.

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