Nutbox’s contract structure is divided into the following modules:

DAO Factory Contract

Users can create their own DAO contracts from this contract, and can manage all the functions of DAO.

DApp Factory Contract

DAO creators can create different types of DApp contracts in their DAO, such as ERC20 Staking, ISO pool, ERC1155 Staking, etc.


DAO creators can create the corresponding gauge according to the DApp they created, and share the NUT additional issuance reward with users and developers.

Nut Power

Users can Stake their NUT for Nut Power (NP) to obtain the corresponding income rights and governance rights.

"Committee": "0xd10e4C1e301A13A9B874bd1757c135Eda075769D",
"MintableERC20Factory": "0xa183D96a7e84BF77Fb7825026fA8b9BF6894cfa8",
"NutPower": "0x5De2a9993eCcbFab4d83a5dCc0911c0e80A08AbA",
"CommunityFactory": "0x1A4EeE210Bc54a75D25989546F648474EdF1C0A3",
"LinearCalculator": "0x6ab448C1C6e1870602d3FB867F167029bbFb3181",
"SPStakingFactory": "0xF7Fa41BF814eDC767691DDB1864a334D83f4acf7",
"ERC20StakingFactory": "0xf870724476912057C807056b29c1161f5Fe0199a",
"CosmosStakingFactory": "0xAD6a0c0017559d051264e1657d627107d6b12f0d",
"Gauge": "0x6F2686B34D23dCbf79a33A2EEA5e92d84b942d91"

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