What is Nutbox?

Nutbox is a DAO infrastructure facing Web3. Any community creator can create DAO using Nutbox protocol one-click, help DAO to bootstrap, and attract community members to participate.

What functions do you provide?

The three pillars of Nutbox’s basic modules are: Multi-Chain Proof of Stake Networks, NFT Module and Social Layer. Nutbox has already been launched and the other two will be coming soon.

What is NUT?

NUT is the native token of Nutbox economy, providing members and communities with benefits and services, and dictates Nutbox’s governance.

What is NUT address and where it is listed?

NUT (BSC): 0x4429FcdD4eC4EA4756B493e9c0525cBe747c2745 NUT is not listed yet.

What’s the difference between Nutbox and Peanut?

Nutbox is a web3 DAO infrastructure that enables you to easily build powerful, blockchain-based organization. Peanut is a staking DAO that is created by using Nutbox.

What PoS chains does Nutbox support at present?

Currently support Cosmos, Steem, Hive, and will soon support mainstream Pos chains such as Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum2.0 etc.

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