Create anything from a staking protocol to the next big DAO
A multi-chain staking protocol and staking-based DAO creation platform. The Phase 1 of Nutbox.
We provides out of the box functionalities of building a staking-based DAO in few minutes, for the emerging and growing Web 3.0 communities.
Just as Uniswap allows anyone to quickly create a trading pair, Walnut allows anyone to create a community-based decentralized finance module and proposal voting system in minutes. These modules include:
  • Initial Staking Offering, raising funds and personnel support for the community from global PoS Token holders
  • Staking Protocol, create the community’s Stake BEP20 Token mint community Token
  • Proposal System, anyone can submit Proposal to contribute to the community and get Community Fund rewards

The Walnut Ecosystem consists of

  • Initial Staking Offering allows the community to build a PoS Chain active validator and inject staking provider fee or staking reward into the DAO treasury to complete the initial startup.
  • Toolkits as a Service enables the Web 3.0 community to create and guide the launch of staking-based DAO, and build abundant scenarios for a large number of users to enter Web3.0, such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, etc.
  • Toolkits Voting helps the Web3.0 community to create a more abundant Staking-based DAO by incentivizing developers to develop tool components.


  • Nutbox provides trustless protocols allowing users to build and manage Web3 communities without coding.
  • With toolkits voting, developers are incentivized to implement community extensions and bring more features to communities.
  • Empower early-stage Web3 communities with unique initial staking offering and DAO launchpad, where users can explore and invest in communities.
  • As the community hub of Web3.0, Nutbox links communities to Web3 projects including Games, NFTs, Social Platforms.
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The Walnut Ecosystem consists of